June 3 to June 20,  2008

                  Photo:  A tiny Viking                       Photo:  Church in Estonia                        Photo:  A tiny Viking
Tour Map (click to enlarge)     Stockholm, Sweden              Tallinn, Estonia               ST Petersburg, Russia


     Photo:  Paddy in front of a statue                      Photo:  The Regatta Ship                    Photo:  Solidarity monument                            Photo:  famous Mermaid statue               
  Helsinki, Finland                        Cruising the Baltic                   Gdansk, Poland                 Copenhagen, Denmark          


Photo:  Brandenburg Gate               Photo:  Map of Kiel Canal                    Photo:  Paddy in Dutch costume                     Photo:  ????????
    Berlin, Germany                        Kiel Canal                    Amsterdam, Netherlands             Bruges, Belgium


Photo:  Dover               Photo:  London 1               Photo:  London 2               Photo:  London 3
     Dover, England                   Dover to London                      London, England 2              London, England 3